The Company

Jean-François Albert’s world sparkles with unique, exquisite diamonds and colored gemstones luxuriously cradled in gold or platinum, in a style that flatters both the jewel and the hand that wears it. Each design is a trademarked original, each is a masterpiece made possible by the distinctive artistry, incomparable craftsmanship, and endlessly creative mind of Jean-François Albert.

Albert has a well-deserved reputation as a master craftsman and classic designer. His clean and understated lines can be seen throughout his collections of signature bridal rings, contemporary diamond rings, and masterful colored stone jewelry pieces.

His careen began at the age of 15, when he began a four year apprenticeship in his hometown of Lausanne, Switzerland. His first job was with the legendary house of Piaget in Geneva. It was there that he perfected his design and bench skills before deciding to make a move to Canada... first to Montreal, and then to Vancouver. His move to the West Coast gave him access to Newport Beach, California and to his future wife Babs Jolitz in 1978. They were married soon after, and have been working together ever since.

Jean-François and Babs continue to reinvent style, fashion and their own way of life. "One of the joys of this industry has been the friendships we have made during our career," says Babs who oversees sales at JFA. "We work with many friends and companies, some of whom we've enjoyed a twenty-five year+ relationship with. We are fortunate that we are now in a position to work with the customers that we enjoy, leaving Jean-François time to focus on designing his special pieces."

Throughout the years, the Albert's have built an impecable rputation in the jewelry industry for ethics, quality and being just plain nice. Their clientele list reads like the Who's, Who of retailers. Their customers note their "consistency in quality and design," as well as their ability to create "such great working relationships with jewelry associates and managers." "When ordering a piece from JFA Designs, our sales associates have total confidence in the finished product that they will receive. That fact, coupled with the timeless style of the design, is a winning combination."

Albert is recognized throughout the industry, and as a four-time winner of the prestigious De Beers Diamonds Today Award, and a three-time winner of the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Design Competition, Jean-François seems to have his finger on the pulse of jewelry design. He is truly one of the world's leaders in the creation of fine jewelry.

His innovations are based on the most elegant meeting of form and function. The designer first addressed the issues of comfort and size in one of his earliest breakthroughs, the "soft square" band. JFA developed the cushion-shaped ring shank, which closely follows the shape of the human finger. With his soft-square ring band design whole heartedly embraced by the trade, he moved on to his next challenge - a ring that adjusts to fit perfectly - the SignatureFit™.

The patented SignatureFit™, created in 18k gold and platinum and set with the rare, one-of-a-kind colored gems favored by Jean-François, can easily accommodate changes in the wearer's ring size. A self-sizing design, the Signature Fit solves the problems of rings which slip, pinch or won't pass over a knuckle, yet retains the JFA character of sleek, powerful design forms for which the designer is known. Featuring a variety of multi-carat gem stones including amethysts, tanzanites, peridots, yellow beryls, indicolites, aquamarines and pink or green tourmalines, the SignatureFit™ is an eye-catching study in flexibility and versatility in fine jewelry.

Today Jean-François Albert / JFA Designs ranks among the finest jewelry manufacturers in the world. Strickly American made, the designs are produced in Costa Mesa, California by a staff of highly skilled professionals. Albert and Babs have worked hard to earn their distinguished reputation... she as the consummate sales and spokesperson, and he as a master craftsman, classically innovative designer continuing to spark new trends in jewelry, and entrepreneur of the elite. Together, they have created a powerful partnership and a very special one-of-a-kind company.